ArtiMixr is proud to offer a remarkable collection of photos, all of which are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. This means that our pictures are completely free for you to use for any legal purpose.

Feel free to use these photos for personal or commercial projects without any limitations.

You have the freedom to modify, copy, and distribute the images as you see fit, all without needing to ask for permission or provide attribution to the source.

At ArtiMixr, we believe in empowering your creativity without any restrictions.

It’s important to note that these images are generated by AI tools such as Midjourney, BlueWillow, and Leonardo.

These AI tools also adhere to a license similar to CC0, ensuring that you have the same freedom and flexibility when using the visuals they produce.

Here are the licenses for each of the AI image generators:


  • You must not claim ownership or authorship of the images or imply any endorsement by Midjourney.
  • You do not use Midjourney-generated assets in any way that is unlawful, defamatory, obscene, harmful, or infringing on the rights of others.
  • You do not use the images or platform in any way that could harm or interfere with Midjourney’s services, systems, or networks.

Midjourney full license.


Leonardo AI says you own all input provided to the services. Additionally, Leonardo.AI assigns to you all its rights, title, and interest in and to output generated and returned by the services based on your input. Therefore, as a user of the Leonardo AI platform, you own all the content you generate using the platform.

That means all the images generated with Leonardo AI are copyright-free.


You own the rights to your creations! You are free to use them in your art or for commercial gain. Please see our Terms of Service for more details.

To learn more about Creative Commons images and the CC0 license, we encourage you to visit the official license page provided by Creative Commons, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting open and accessible content.

Please note that while ArtiMixr provides images under the CC0 license, we recommend verifying the licensing terms and conditions for each image individually, especially if you plan to use them in a commercial context.